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Actor: Red North

Name: Red North
Look-a-Like: Lamar Johnson
Age: 20
Birthday: July 18
Description: Black eyes, black hair
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Actress: Maya Matthews

Name: Maya Mathews
Look-A-Like: Debby Ryan
Age and Birthday: June 20, 1990 (Age 25)
Deacription: She is a beautiful actress that came to Wikilodeon to start her career.
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Actress/Singer: Kasey Brown

Name: Kasey Brown
Age: 18 (Born July 22, 1997)
Gender: Female
Description: Kasey Brown is an American actress and singer born July 22, 1997. She has been singing since she was 6 years old.
Look-A-Like: Sereyah
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Actress: Heidi Garcia

Hi! I wanted to help you out by making another actress. My first female, actually.
Name: Heidi Garcia
Age: 17 (Born April 14, 1998)
Gender: Female
Description: Heidi Garcia is an American actress born April 14, 1998. She is mostly known for her role as ____ in ____.
Look-A-Like: Jenn McAllister (Youtuber who's channel is called "jennxpenn")
Just so you know, the reason her last name is Garcia is because her first dad was American-Hispanic. She has two fathers.
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Actor: Luke Jacobs

Name: Luke Jacobs
Age: 13 (born November 3, 2001)
Gender: Male
Description: Luke Jacobs is an American actor born November 3, 2001. He is mostly known for his role as _____ in _____.
Look-A-Like: Diego Velazquez (Billy Thunderman in The Thundermans)
My first actor, BTW, and I wanted to make it a male who's look-a-like is not used it the Wiki Channel.
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