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Moving Wikis

I feel like this wiki is too messy or there's something wrong so I decided to move wikis just like Samantha (DancingAlone) did. The admins in that wiki are:

Bader_Mousa (Although I won't be around much)
LylieKylie (Made him an admin for being here most of the time)
Anyway, I replaced Coolkids with LylieKylie because Coolkids, I now you have a life but your even spending more time in Wiki Channel than on here and your not even an admin there.
Here's the link: click here
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Wikilodeon Ad Competition

Guys, today we're having a Wikilodeon Ad Competition. You will create a Wikilodeon ad and admins will choose the best one and it'll be on the Wikilodeon Main Page.
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Wikilodeon News

Wikilodeon News
Okay, we have much Wikilodeon News thanks to StarButterfly and myself. Okay, first off the Wikilodeon logo is officially released. And also congratulations to StarButterfly for becoming an admin here at this wiki. We have one show set to air later this year and a show pitch called Hours Before Dawn that is on its way to Wikilodeon.
We also have the approve and disapprove signs here:
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Admin Elections

Admin Elections in the Wikilodeon Wiki are starting right now, you just sign up by replying. You have to write your name, how many edits and why you wanna be an admin. Then I will make the final desicion. I will choose 2 admins.
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